How to farm BTCN and get profit on Metamask Wallet?

Step 1: Set up your Metamask

Download Metamask on your device (Google Play or App store)

You can watch this step-by step introduction to install the metamask on your device:

After complete installation, you have to add Binance Smart Chain network to metamask by clicking:

Menu > Setting > Networks> Add Network

Click [Add Network] then input all of BSC network information as below:

Network: BSC Mainnet

Url RPC:

Chain ID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer Url:

Click [Add] to finish the adding new network process.

After switching to BSC mainnet network, please add BTCN token to your list asset on Metamask by clicking [Add Token]

Click [Custom token] then input BTCN smart contract

BTCN token contract: 0x87051d36c407d3ded59fc28c0f836af43f8f9264

Noted: If you enter the correct smart contract of token, then Metamask system will automatically display the rest information

Click [Add token] to complete the adding token process.

When the BTCN symbol is shown on your token list. Click [Browser]

Step 2: Access to Pancake Swap by enter “” into search bar

Click [Connect] and choose Metamask to connect your wallet with Pancake Swap

Select the address you want to connect and click [Connect]

After ending the connection process, click Trade -> Liquidity

Click Add liquidity

Click Select a currency then add BTCN smart contract to search bar to find BTCN

Input amount of BNB and BTCN you want to add liquidity, then click Approve BTCN

After confirming on Metamask, click Supply > Confirm Supply > Confirm

Now in your Metamask wallet, you have owned BTCN/ BNB LP

Step 3: Back to metamask, click Browser then enter “” to access BitcoinNami website for farming

Click button at the right corner, then choose Farm.

After connecting your wallet with BitcoinNami, select pair BTCN/BNB to farm BTCN

Input the amount of LP token you want to stake, then click [Stake]

To confirm your transaction, you need to click [Approve] then continue to click Approve on your Metamask to allow BitcoinNami system to access your wallet

Click [Stake] to submit your farming process

The final step is clicking [Confirm] on your metamask

To check your status as well as statistic of your farming process, click on the [Your stake information], then select the pair you farm (BTCN/BNB, BTCN/ BUSD)

You only claim 20% BTCN reward distributed from farming, 80% the rest will be locked and released according to your farming package.

Also, you can unstake your LP token by activating Cooldown. When the cooldown period finishes (1 days), you will have a 2 day window to unstake LP tokens.




Bring the new wave to the market with our modern technology, flexibility and high security.

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Bring the new wave to the market with our modern technology, flexibility and high security.

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